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New Weber Carburettors

BOI Performance is now stocking New Weber Carburettors:

"We Only sell Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy"

Due to the demand of the Dyno tuning work we are now suppling complete systems from scratch. Suppling manifolds, Weber & Dellorto carburettors from our wide range of New & Used carburettors.

We can supply custom Air box's to standard fitment Air filters for road use to Race & Rally.

"Please note that we don't always show all carburettors in stock."

"This page is being developed as we go."


Weber DCD 36/36 carburettor $880.00


Weber DCD 36/36 carby would have to be the most flexable carby ever made for tunning classic engines from as small as Fiat 1500,125 etc Ford Cortina GT, Escort ,Toyota 1100 Corolla 3K to a Holden 202 to Ford 250

Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy

This carburettor is fitted with a cable operated choke mechanism.

Standard Jetting:-

Primary venturi 25mm
Secondary Venturi 27mm
Primary Main Jet 135
Secondary Main jet 150
Primary emulsion tube F23
Secondary emulsion tube F23
Primary air corrector 220
Secondary air corrector 200
Primary idle jet 47
Primary pump jet 70
Needle valve 1.75
Starter jet air corrector 200
Starter jet emulsion tube 100F1

Height of carb:-

To air filter/trumpet face 116mm

To top of fuel filter cap (highest point) 125mm

26IMB Fiat500L 00.jpg


Original part for the Fiat 500L

Type 26 IMB 10 Fiat part number 4227560

Standard jetting:-

21mm venturi
112 Main jet
235 Air corrector
F8 Emulsion tube
45 Idle jet
Starter Jet F5/90
125 Needle valve

Weber 26 IMB 500L engine


28IMB Fiat 126.jpg

Recently re-introduced – original part for the Fiat 126 652cc.

Type 28IMB5/250

Fiat part number 4381128.

Standard jetting:-

23mm venturi
115 Main jet
90Air corrector
F8 Emulsion tube
50 Idle jet
Starter Jet F5/90
125 Needle valve

Weber 28 IMB Fiat 126 650cc engine


Landrover kit 34 ICT.jpglandrover Kit 34 ICT 01.jpg

Land Rover Kits with new Weber 34 ICT $375.00

(Webcon replacement carburettor to suit the Landrover Series 2a and 3 2286cc engine Right Hand Drive models originally fitted with a Zenith 36IV.)

it includes:-

Weber 34ICH carburettor jetted to suit.
Choke cable & mounting bracket
Fitting kit

Standard jetting :-

29mm choke(fixed)
3.5 Auxillary venturi
165 Main jet
50 Idle jet
190 Air corrector
55 Pump jet
F6 Emulsion tube

34 ICT with out cold start.jpg

Weber 34 ICT (With out Cold start) as used with VW set ups. $330.00

This carburettor has not got a starting mechanism (choke) fitted.

Standard jetting is:-

29mm Venturi (fixed)
130 Main jet
F78 Emulsion tube
160 Air corrector jet
40 Pump exhaust valve
52 Idle jet
50 Pump jet
1.75 Needle valve
40 back bleed/pump spill

We can re-jet this carburettor to suit your application, please contact us before ordering to discuss your requirments.