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Chassis Dyno Weber Dellorto SU Carburettor & EFI Dyno Tuning

"We Dyno Tune with


Chassi Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

The Fuels we have today? you many need to re-tune you'r older engines to suit to days modern fuels.

Weber Logo 01.JPG

**For the normally aspirated racing or high performance car, the Weber
carburettor is probably the ultimate choice. It was designed to be adapted
for use on any engine size, for any purpose, at any altitude. The Weber is
not a carburettor to be bought, bolted on and driven, it is infinitely
adjustable and is intended for the serious performance tuner. In modern
times, fuel injection, the electronic technology revolution and stricter
laws regarding pollution emissions have led to the carburettors demise
(the last one was produced at the Bologna plant in 1992). Weber
carburettors are still used extensively in Classic and Historic racing**

Dellortologo.gif logo-su.jpg.gif


Adaptrronic websight logo.jpg

e1280s_ECU_4c7f05afaef29.jpg e420d_ECU_4dd0cf22048dc.jpg

Adaptronic 1280s From $1990.00 Adaptronic 420D Basic or 440 Universal Select ECU

IN Car Detonation,Pinging ,Knock Sensor / Analyser


Phormula Knock Analyser : KS-4 Knock Analyser


Kits from $654.00



Rotating vanes driven by a heavy-duty wet motor deliver pressure

from 4 to 18 psi at a flow rate of up to 100 gallons per hour

Kits from $145.00

DYNOmite Dynamometer System's

131 Targa car on the Dyno low res.jpg

Tuning our new Targa Rally Car for Targa 2016

Car 531 Phil & Paul





The BOI Upadte of the Chassi Dyno May 2014

Freddy 240Z.jpgP1010481.JPGIMG_0245.jpg


Group C A9AX

IMAG0322.jpgIMAG0324.jpgPanther Trike.jpg

Dyno tune Panther Trike 13/1/14


Phil with his 124 Spyder

at the FCCV Fuel Testing day

Honda prelude A20A4

Honda Inegra DC5 on my Chassi dnyo

You Tube 3 x 45 DCOE Weber Carburettors

(Holden GTR - XU1 1971 RW bhp 195)

A small selection of types of cars already been on the New BOI Performance Chassis Dyno,

Fiat 127 Turbo Race car, Supercharged Ford 5L Cobra, Fiat X19, Porsche 924 Turbo

Dyno-Max 2010 Data Analysis Software

DYNOmite Dynamometer System's

Dynomite Dynamometer Logo 3.JPG

2WD Chassis Dyno 600+BHP Static


Logging up 28 channels of Data

Live Weather station

Road Speed

Water Temp

Air Temp

Engine RPM


(Innovate LM2 LM-2 Wideband O2 Sensor)

Phormula Knock Analyser : KS-4 Knock Analyser

(IN Car Detonation,Pinging ,Knock Sensor / Analyser)

Ex Temp

Ex Press

Oil Temp

Vac/Boost (-12" to 22 psi)

Fuel Press up to 150 psi


Data capture Via the above or Via OBD2 or Adaptronic ECU

Please Note :

General release and indemnity for DYNO services provided by BOI Performance (T/As Philip J Buggee)

The Customer releases BOI and its staff from all demands, claims, actions, suits, costs and expenses now or however later arising in relation to any loss or damage arising from Dyno testing of the customer's vehicle (excepting acts of negligence) and indemnifies the BOI against any claims whatsoever and howsoever arising in relation thereto.