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Dellorto DRLA Carburettor Tuning & Parts Chassi Dyno Rolling Road Tuning

Dellorto DHAL DLRA Carburettor Tuning & Parts Chassis Dyno Rolling Road Tuning


(Please not that we have had to pass on new cost as from the 1/04/2017 on many items, due to material cost & changes in exchange rates)

(BOI Performance is authorised DELLORTO Dealer.)

"We do all of our tuning in house on Land & Sea system Chassi Dyno Rolling Road"

This now means we have a full range of all Dellorto & Weber stocks so if we don’t have it we can get it very quickly via UPS with in 4-5 days working.

If the part you need is not listed, please contact us as there are still many items we have in stock which are not listed on this website.
We have a lot of parts that Dellorto in Italy doesn’t stock any more, and we’re re-manufacturing certain parts that are no longer available.
Before Dellorto stopped production of car carburettors, Dell’Ortos were fitted as standard equipment to Alfa Romeo and Lotus, until the catalytic converter killed the carburettor off for new cars in 1992. We still have a few DHLA40 and 45mm carbs. here along with 32DHLBs and some single chokes, but the rest are sadly no longer available.

The DHLA & DRLA carburettors are widely believed to be the most sophisticated carburettors of their type, prompting David Vizzard to say in Auto Performance magazine, “Dell’Ortos produce truly excellent results...On engines where atomisation is a premium requirement, Dell’Ortos are superior to everything”.

The last carburettors Dellorto produced were the unique 'tri-jet' DHLA45s for Lotus, which as well as an idle and main circuit, has a power jet circuit for extra enrichment at high revs. This system was also fitted to the Lotus Esprit Turbo carburettors, which can hold up to 30-PSI boost pressure. Eurocarb ltd stock every single part for DHLA, DRLA & DHLB carburettors, as well as complete new and some reconditioned units

We have a full range of all Main jets, Air correctors, Emulsion tubes, Idle jets, full service kits etc..




Carburettor Synchrometer to suit Dellorto, Weber & SU $120.00


DRLA40 budget service kit for one carb.


DRLA parts diagram

DRLA DHLA DHLB main jet74841.jpg

DHLA/ DRLA Main Jets from .80 to 1.90 from $12.50

DRLA-DHLA Air corrector jet74851.jpg

DHLA/ DRLA Air Correction Jets 1.30 to 240 From $18.50

DRLA Air corrector (long) 103041.jpg

DRLA Air Correction Jets 160-220 to 240 From $24.50

DRLA-DHLA Idle jet7644a1.jpg

Idle jets from .33-.70 From $12.50

DHLA-DRLA Idle jet holder107381.jpg

DRLA idle jet holder $30.00 #10738

(DHLA/DRLA Idle holder #7850 only very late carby may be used)

DHLA-DRLA-PHM-PHF pump jet78511.jpg

DHLA / DRLA / PHM / PHF pump jet $25.50

Pump non return valve75421.jpg

Pump non return valve $24.50

DHLA DRLA pump jet filter10748.jpg

DRLA pump jet filter $10.50

DRLA Pump Diph101821.jpg

DRLA Pump diaphragm $28.50

DRLA Pump diaphragm cover10256.jpg

Dellorto DRLA Pump diaphragm cover

DRLA Pump jet holder10928.jpg

DRLA Pump jet holder $32.50

Pump jet holder fibre washer6426.jpg

DRLA Pump jet holderwasher 2.50

DRLA progression hole cover screw 88571.jpg

DHLA/DRLA progression hole cover screw $22.50

DRLA Eml 74822.jpg

DHLA/DRLA Starter emulsion tube $58.00

DRLA Emulsion tube91641.jpg

DRLA emulsion tube $55.00


DHLA/DRLA Stater Jet From $18.50

Hexagon head mixture screw110681.jpg

Hexagon head mixture screw $32.50

Mixture screw – standard9656.jpg

Mixture screw – standard $18.50

DRLA 36 40 45 throttle shaft spindle Alfa VW type107901.jpg

DRLA 36 40 45 throttle shaft spindle Alfa VW type $120.00

DRLA Pump rod clamp10153.jpg

DRLA Pump rod clamp $42.50

DRLA Pump rod10316.jpg

DRLA Pump rod $42.50

Pump rod clamp screw7667.jpg

Pump rod clamp screw $6.50

DHLA sharft bearing 7490.jpg

Dellorto Spindle bearing $12.50

DHLA cover plate.jpg

Spindle end cover

DHLA Spindle spacer.jpg

Spindle washer

Nut – Spindle- grub screw locking6423.jpg

Nut – Spindle / grub screw locking

Venturi grub screw7507.jpg

Venturi grub screw

Auxillary venturi retainer8206.jpg

Auxillary venturi retainer

DRLA Float assembly 10090.jpg

DRLA Float $95.00

DRLA Float hinge screw10339.jpg

DRLA Float hinge screw $12.80

DRLA Float pivot screw10154.jpg

DRLA Float pivot screw $12.00

DRLA Float screw circlip84981.jpg

DRLA Float screw circlip $4.50

Dellorto Float needle valve assembly 103751.jpg

DRLA Float needle valve assembly 150 – 225

DRLA Choke-10527.jpg

DRLA 40 Venturi / choke

10078.1 Early Dellorto DRLA 36-40 Auxiliary venturi10078.jpg

Early Dellorto DRLA 36/40 Auxiliary venturi

DRLA 40 Auxiliary venturi12189.jpg

Dellorto DRLA 40 Auxiliary venturi

DRLA 36 Butterfly101331.jpg

DRLA 36 Throttle butterfly disc

DHLA-DRLA 40 throttle butterfly disc74811.jpg

DHLA/DRLA 40 throttle butterfly disc

(Note we also hold Buterflys for DRLA45 &48)

DRLA S Spindle return spring10157.jpg

DRLA S Spindle return spring

DRLA D Throttle return spring10158.jpg

DRLA D Throttle return spring

DRLA spindle stop lever – LHSCB7267b.jpg

DRLA spindle stop lever – LHS

DRLA spindle stop lever – RHSCB7266.jpg

DRLA spindle stop lever – RHS

DES10 Dellorto DRLA DHLA spindle lever.jpg

DES10 Dellorto DRLA DHLA spindle lever

10138 Dellorto DRLA Weber IDF Vacuum take off union.jpg

10138 Dellorto DRLA Weber IDF Vacuum take off union