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Welcome to the BOI Performance (Bits Of Italy Since 1995 )

Welcome to the BOI Performance website

Since 1995-2018

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Welcome to BOI Performance. We offer quality advice and servicing, conversions, evaluations and restoration work. You will still find everything you need to know about your Fiat or Lancia. BOI Performance still stocks new and used parts, stocking both mechanical and cosmetic accessories for your Italian toys, but now we are also catering to those Classic's from Japan Nissan ,Honda, Mazda, Germany, Porsche, VW, BMW & English cars from MG, Triumph, Healey & Sprite.

We can do all your Dyno Tune , we are the Victorian Agent for ADAPTRONIC ECU's, we are Agnets for WEBER Carburetor for DCOE, IDF, IDA, DCD, DGV etc. , Dellorto Agents as we have a very good rang of Chokes and Jets for both carburetors systems. We carry all of the overhaul kits for your Weber's & Dellorto as well, plus we are also stockests of UNI FILTER Pods & Air filters for Race & Rally, Lynx manifolds Ram-Flo air filters.

We make a very good range of Cold air boxes to suit Weber, Dellorto & SU, we also build custom cold air box to order.


(We are now authorised Weber and DELLORTO Dealers )


(Some of the Older Dellorto promotion design)

"We Have all of all your WEBER & Dellorto parts from Service kits to all your needs of nuts, screws to main jets, Air correction jet to air filters"

We can rebuild & restore your older Weber's, DCOE, DCNF, IDF, IDA & DCD , Dellorto DHLA & DRLA

"We have a full Ultra Sonic Cleaner Tank. All carbies are put through this system to get all that old fuel & dirt out".

News/Events :


We stock & sell 123 Igntion sytems from MG B to Fiat & Alfa

Fiat TC (124/131 Top Mount) 123 Tuned models now $780.00.00 in Stock

We have the 123 Progamed & Tuned Fiat 124-131 Block mount and 128/X19

"BOI Performance ONLY "

Price from $1200.00

"these will only be made to order with deposit "

BOI Performance has Finaly made a new Cold Air Box to suit Fiat 124

Fiat 124Sedan special TC,124 Coupe BC & CC, 124 Spyder from 124 BS 1800 to late CS 2L ,124 SCA Weber 40-44 IDF Dellorto 40-44 DRLA (will also fit Alquia Manifold 40-44 DCNF manifolds, 131 1600,1800 & 2L TC engine with Factory manifold, and after market manifolds. you can fit crank breather back in to base plate, to comply with emmissions. **Note this cold air box will fit RHD & LHD cars**




(390mmL,190mm wide, 60 mm, Depth nose 100 mm OD 4" to suit Fiat 124 Spyder A$650.00 with out maching,

Etra for maching of base plae extra A$180.00)



(As can bee seen final fitting on Fiat 124 Spyder 1800 1978 low early bonet / Hood fitted with 2L fitted with 2 x 40 IDF with short ramr tube base plate) **This will not fit under boonet with 124 AC or AS**

Targa High Country Nov 2018

531 - TS00 - Start - SS.jpg531 - TS04 - Devils River - SG-3.jpg

531 - TS05 - Skyline - SG-3.jpg531 - TS05 - Skyline - SG-2(1).jpg

State Race Round 4 20-22/7/18 Historic Touring Cars



Targa in April has now been and run. The Team at BOI had a very good outcome this year, winning our Class, plus 3rd in Category and 14th Out Right in Classic winning our full set of three plates.

531 - TS33 Podium SG.jpg

Enjoye the Youtube filim from Targa this year


Fiat 124 & 131 steering rack bush kits for Urathain I havent made these for years,
I make them in 2 differant Duro 60 & 85 selling them @ $88.00 a pair Plus shipping


New 40 DCNF Baleliti (Pheolic) spacer for Air cleaner or

air box12mm think $45.00 each


Weber DCD 36/36 carburettor (New Weber in stock now) $880.00

Weber DCD 36/36 carby would have to be the most flexable carby ever made for tunning classic engines from as small as Fiat 1500,125 etc Ford Cortina GT, Escort ,Toyota 1100 Corolla 3K to a Holden 202 to Ford 250

"We Only sell Genuine Weber, made in Spain, not a cheap Chinese copy"

I have received an advice from my suppliers for all Weber and Dellorto parts have gone up as from the 1/1/2018 a flat fee 10%-12% to cover the exchange rates, materials.

I sorry but I have to pass this on as I have kept my pricing stable for the past 18 months in this time I have absorbed 2 increases of 5% & 6% in this time, I can longer support this loss , I can not match the pricings from EBay and or chines copy parts others are selling.


BOI Performance has made a new batch of Weber DCOE Surge tops complet kit from $220.00

DCOE Heat Sheild.jpg

(Note that our Heat shields are made in 1.1mm stainless steel, not super thin and not likely will crack.)

Weber DCOE Heat sheild

Suit 38,40,42,45 & 48

$30.00 each



Dellorto DHLA Heat sheild

(Note that our Heat shields are made in 1.1mm stainless steel, not super thin and not likely will crack.)

Suit 40,45 & 48

$35.00 Each

BOI Performance is now stocking New Weber Carburettors:

Due to the demand of the Dyno tuning work we are now suppling complete systems from scratch. Suppling manifolds, Weber & Dellorto carburettors from our wide range of New & Used carburettors.

We can supply custom Air box's to standard fitment Air filters for road use to Race & Rally.

"Please note that we don't always show all carburettors in stock."

Landrover kit 34 ICT.jpg

Land Rover Kits with new Weber 34 ICT $345.00

(suit the Landrover Series 2a and 3 2286cc engine Right Hand Drive

models originally fitted with a Zenith 36IV.)


Fiat 124 coupe & spyder

98mm PCD CD30 wheel 13" x 5.5"

131 Targa car on the Dyno low res.jpg

Tuning our new Targa Rally Car for Targa 2018

Car 531 Phil & Paul

Malpassi Carburettor Fuel Pressure Regulators


From $140.00

Fiat 124-131 Head studs.jpg

Fiat 124/131 Stud Kits


Fiat 124-131 TC starter motor .jpg

Fiat 124-131 TC Starter Motors High Tourque

From $560.00

"Performance Air Filter Induction Pods, custom made to order"

BOI Performance and UNI Filter

Our New 5" (127mm) Pod filter only 2 1/2" (65mm) x 7 1/2" (190mm)

"6" units Now in stock"

From $135.00 these come with extra washable skin

5inc (127mm) UNF custom (1).JPG

5inc (127mm) UNF custom (2).JPG5inc (127mm) UNF custom (3).JPG


BOI Performance is now catering for S.U Carburettor’s with the view of tuning on the Dyno/Rolling road.

We have a very good range of needles, dash pot oil and service kits Etc.

The SU Carburettor’s we are currently tuning on the rolling road are British and Australian classic cars, fast road cars and race & rally cars.

This is as a result of the Fuels we have today; you need to re tune you older engines to suit to days modern fuels.

"New Ajustable"

Cold air box Low cover @ 60mm H x 180 mm W x from Single to twins 360mm to 750 mm L plus, nose can turn off-set in or out by 60mm

(can turn right or Left to order)

Ajustable low cold air box 01.JPGAjustable low cold air box 02.JPG

Ajustable low cold air box 03.JPG

These are made to order

Some of "BOI Performance Cold Air Box Range"

BOI Perfoormance Cold Air Bax 04.jpg

4" & 5" Air box Sizing

Rev cone1.JPGrev cone 5inc2.JPG

New 4" & 5" Air filter-Cone type (Internal to air duct)

Hemi Cold Air Box4.JPGHemi Cold Air Box 2.JPG

Hemi cold Air Box 3.JPG

We have Just releast New HEMI Cold Air Box for 245 & 265 Hemi engine on 3 x Weber 45 DCOE

5" (125mm) Ducting plus option's


New Molded Cold Air Box Intake Fiat X19 1300 or 1500

Twin 40DCNF Webers Kit from A$580.00. Cold ducting & Pod filter A$120.00

GRAPH FOR X19 Cold air box #1952C on 2014-06-02 @ 14-37-50.JPG

This is the gain from the cold air box for Fiat X19 1300 this engine twin 40 DCNF, Cams, Headers, Stock head & pistons


New Fiat 124 Spyder coupe/131 Twin 45 Webers on cold air box & Pod filter

KIt plus fitting (Monifolds R/hand drive set up)


The Ecliptech Shift-I is a high reliability Progressive Shift Light
Track – Street – Trials – Autocross – Circuit – Drift – Rally – Drag

The Shift-P2 is a sophisticated RPM engine gauge, designed to be used in your peripheral vision.
It has been engineered to give you a highly configurable gauge.

The Shift-P2 is simple and intuitive to setup with an interactive display.

Shit-I P2.jpg

Shift-P2 KIt from $255.00

Shift-P2+ KIt from $295.00

plus postage$15.00


Used For Balancing Multi Choke Carburettors:

Ideal For Weber DCOE or Dellorto DHLA Carburettors

From $120

Cary Sync.jpg

531 - 1.2 Merton JL (2).jpg

Phil & Paul running in the new Fiat 131 Tagra car 531

124 Spyder sandow 03.JPG124 Spyder sandow 02.JPG

Phil at Sandow 20/07/14

Photo by:SDPICS ( web site

Alpine13 fiat 1500.jpg

John Ellis in The Alpine Nov 13

Fiat 1500 Mark 3


Phil Buggee & Paul Freame

Targa High Country Nov 14

Grande Punto Sport

Ignition Systems-Chassis Dyno - Sun Distributor Tester 504


As a matter of course we have now rebuilt a Sun 504 Distributor Tester.

This has now enabled us to sort out the ignition on older classic cars.

We can now plot & graph ignition systems to a better level, as our PHORMULA knock system has now being able to pin point problems on classic older engines on the Chassis Dyno.

In Car Detonation,Pinging ,Knock Sensor / Analyser


Plus postage



We are proud to confirm that we are now sole Australia Dealer for Phormula Knock Analyser's


"Take a look at the gallery for many more great action shots"